Strategic Funding Source

Building a business is hard. Funding it shouldn’t be. For businesses willing to look beyond traditional sources, FundMySMB provides strategic funding options designed to help small and medium businesses succeed.

You’ll have faster access to cash (5-7 business days) and once you are in our system even faster and access to larger dollar amounts than banks will offer. Banks and credit unions often reject loan applications, leaving business owners with the only option of borrowing from friends and family or borrowing against receivables.

When banks can't meet your funding needs, timelines or dollar amounts, FundMySMB’s strategic funding program is a great choice. Start your strategic funding partnership with FundMySMB today!


  • 450 + Credit Score
  • 4+ months bank statements with less than 5 NSFs per month
  • Must produce at least $10k/mo in revenue per month
  • Minimum one-page application
  • 4+ Months in Business
  • Copy of VOIDED Business Check
  • Copy of Driver's License
  • Funding over $100k requires P&L and Balance Sheet