Attention Banks! We help national and independent community banks gain more customer satisfaction!

FundMySMB is committed to bringing your bank cutting-edge alternative funding solutions to help when your business customers don’t meet your funding requirements and are rejected for a commercial business loan. Keeping your commercial business customers happy, loyal, FUNDED and committed is a lot less expensive than replacing them with new ones. Instead of losing revenue when a commercial business customer is rejected for a loan, you can now provide them with an alternative funding option from FundMySMB.

Our funding/investor network is made up of both private and corporate investors giving us an advantage over other "like" funding companies in the market.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the commercial business lending industry hasn’t exactly been at the front of the pack in the race for new and existing commercial business customers. As the process of shopping for a new bank has changed, so have the methods for acquiring and keeping customers. So, how can banks keep up and retain customers for the long run? A mix of traditional and alternative funding strategies need to be made available to business members seeking working capital funding.

Banks Are Amping Up on FundMySMB's Emerging Funding Solutions

In the race for customers, Banks are seeking a way to differentiate themselves and FundMySMB's cutting-edge alternative funding products and services is the answer.

How Do You Benefit?

Fast approval process with over 98% funded that apply. Your Commercial Business Customer Receives Funds Into Their Business Account Within 5-7 Days.

This helps your commercial business customer gain access to the working capital they need to help keep their business moving in the right direction, and contributes to the local economy across communities you both serve.

By funding your commercial business customer it will directly impact your banks bottom line revenue in a positive way.

The goal with any commercial business customer is to help them re-establish their traditional funding capability with your bank. Customers we fund that show a positive repayment history see after 6 to 12 months the ability to get funded through their bank. This is a huge win for everyone!